Monday, July 4, 2016

It seems like I am all over the place with painting and foci so it should not be any surprise that my focus has shifted again.

After being contacted about the play testing of FOG 3, my interest has been rejuvenated.  I have managed to get three playtest games in so far.  1st game was at 600 points with Early Germans vs Later Republican Romans.  2nd game was 800 points with Early Germans vs Dominate Romans.  3rd game was 650 points with Sassanid Persians vs Dominate Romans.  Many new concepts and adjustments that are being considered and have renewed my interest in gaming in general and painting figures as well.

Hope to get some more games in in the future and to post some pictures as I go.

Having said all of that, it appears that that my focus has now been set on the Early Byzantine period.  Reading Ian Hughes book about Belisarius at the moment.  After a quick inventory of the mountain o' lead, I discovered I have enough lead to build an Early Byzantine list almost in its entirety.  I will need to order one or two packs from Old Glory but otherwise I am good to go.  I am already halfway done with the first battle group of regular Byzantine Line Cavalry (the average lot) and have started on the first battle group of Legiones.  If my reading inspiration keeps up I should be able to keep this going for a while.

Until next time, and who knows when that will be, enjoy.

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