Sunday, June 30, 2019

FOG 3.0 Summary Document

I was asked to compile a summary of the changes to the FOG 3.0 rules for those returning to the fold.  I have limited my summary to the core rules themselves and not army companion books.  I would suggest those interested sit down with the companion books after reading this document and the core rules to absorb the changes.

FOG 3.0 Summary Document

Sunday, June 9, 2019

FOG 3.0 to return to HUBCON in 2019

As of yesterday, plans are in the works for a FOG 3.0 tournament at HUBCON September 8 & 9 in Hattiesburg, MS.  This will be an Average Joe tournament of 4 rounds at 800 points.  All troops must be average quality and no Inspired Generals will be allowed.  I will post more information in the coming months including a list of armies that will be allowed.  Look forward to seeing everyone at HUBCON.

New Campaign Progress

Draft is coming along nicely for the new campaign.  Initial draw of the map is complete. I in no way claim this to be 100% historically accurate but wanted something to give a context to games and provide purpose for me getting all of my cataphracts and horse archers on the table. I just need to add some color and finish off the rules before beginning a quick run of the rules.  Here is a first look at the map:

FOG 3.0 at Bayou Wars

Rich Olier trotted out Classical Indians to face off against my Parthians in a semi-historical fight.  Unfortunately, my Parthian dice were their typical abysmal selves against Rich and managed to lose pretty much every combat possible.  Here are some pictures of the early part of the game.  Enjoy.

FOG 300: Parthians v Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin circa 220 AD

Started back working on my Broken Rays of the Sun Campaign this week and have finished an update to the campaign mechanism.  The new update ...