FOG 3.0 Resources

This page will hold any resources developed to support the FOG 3.0 rules such as Draft lists, QRS sheets and so forth.

Short document of the changes to FOG 3.0 Core Rules
FOG 3.0 Summary Document

Draft 3.0 lists
Draft FOG 3.0 Nubian List

FOG 3.0 Set-up and Full Turn Sequence

New QRS pages found on the BHGS website:
QRS Page 1

QRS Page 2

Army list Spreadsheet
Updated for V3

Latest Errata - These have all been include at the end of Army Book 3
Rules Errata
Book 1 List Errata
Book 2 List Errata

FOG Army Conversions V1 to V3
FOG Army Conversions V1 to V3

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