Sunday, January 20, 2019


Apologies to everyone for the lack of posts but work and the pending FOG Tournament (Cold Iron IV) have been using up my time.

In fact, I have been busy painting Early Scots for the tournament and am almost finished.  Just have to add flags and flocking to the troops.  The camp is close and may be done by tomorrow.

I have gone with the beginning of the Early Scots era so there is a mixture of Picts and Generic Dark Age types.  I like their look and hope they do well on the table.  The figures are all a mix of 15mm Old Glory, Essex, Splintered Light and Khurasan.  I think there may be one of two Two Dragons and Museum figures in there as well.

I blame Cornwell for this.  After watching season 3 of the Last Kingdom, I started reading the Saxon Tales again from the beginning.  Working on Book 4 - Sword Song now.

I hope to capture the look of a decaying Roman shrine in the dark ages with the camp.  The model itself is the Ruined Temple from Forged in Battle Miniatures.  I have one of the dark age generic carts from Khurasan that I am planning on adding to the base along with two FIB Gallic Civilians. I will be sure to post pics when it is done.

Until next time,...

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Cold Iron IV: The Return of FOG Field of Glory Tournament—February 9-10, 2019

Cold Iron IV will be held just north of Birmingham, AL, Feb 9-10, 2019.   The venue for Cold Iron IV will be the Microtel Hotel in Gardendale.

Tournament Format and Rules:
* Rules will be Field of Glory V3
* 1 list 800 points from any of the three new FOG V3 Army Books.
* This will be a four round tournament:  3 rounds on Saturday and one Sunday Morning.
* Each round will be 3 hours plus 1d6 of random time.
* Round 1 - Saturday, 9:00 AM
* Round 2 - 1:15PM
* Round 3 - 4:30 PM
* Round 4 - Sunday, 9:00 AM
* Lists will be due to Christopher Anders at by midnight January 31, 2019.
* Late lists will give opponent choice of terrain type prior to initiative roll.
* 1st tie-break will be head to head.  2nd tie-break will be count back. 3rd tie-break will be generals killed/camps sacked.
* Scoring will use the ADLG 100 point method.
* When time is called, players will finish the phase.
* Tournament fee is $30.

The address of the hotel is Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham, 850 Odum Road, Gardendale, AL  35071.  Current rate are a low as $76 through  There is also a Best Western at this exit off I-65 with a La Quinta Inn, Holiday Inn, Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn and a Comfort Inn at the Fultondale exit just down the road.

If there is interest, I will try and arrange a dinner Friday night for those coming to the event.  If you are planning on attending and would like a Friday night get-together, send me an email and I will set something up.

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