Sunday, June 3, 2018

Figure Update Weekend of June 2

Did not have time to get another game in this weekend but I did get around to flocking and basing some odds and ends that have been sitting around for a while.

First up, I finished a rebasing project of Hunnic Nobles that had been languishing on my desk for a while.  I started off working on these under V2 when most of the Hunnic Ally lists could have a battlegroup of Nobles.  Alas, under V3 that seems to have gone by the wayside so I guess I will have to expand the Huns into a full army (800 points or so) since I have two battlegroups of them.  The figures are all Old Glory.  Since the Nobles pack from Old Glory in the Hun range all come with lances, I added a horse archer to each stand to flesh them out.

Next up I have finished two battlegroups of Sabir Hunnic foot warriors.  The first battlegroup is Old Glory figures using the the Javelinmen from the Skythian Archers & Javelinmen pack along with the Maitotian Infantry pack found in the Sarmation range.  I hope to add a third battlegroup of these in the near future along with a light foot archer battlegroup using the left over Skythian archers.  I like the way these turned out.

The second battle group is made up of Forged in Battle Skythian Skirmishers and Skythian Light Infantry packs although the Sarmatian Alan Infantry and Black Sea Infantry packs could be also used.  Something to think about should I decide to add a fourth battlegroup.  They are noticeably slighter in build when compared to the Old Glory figures so I would not mix them in the same battlegroup.

I also added a Hunnic Command stand using Old Glory Figures.  I have another one I did some time ago using Black Hat miniatures.  I would most likely use that one as an ally and add two more of the Old Glory ones to round out the commanders needed for a full list.

Here is a few shots of the entire Hunnic host from this weekend together.

I am working on a full list for the Sabir Huns and have the basics down.  I need to finish up the source list as I have a few quibbles with the restrictions on the use of the Sabir Huns and Dilimnites in the Later Sassanid list that I want to bring up on the forum for discussion.  Hopefully the full Sabir List will be here sooner than later.

To round out the weekend is a 4-stand battlegroup of Arab Camelry with Bow.  These figures are the 15mm Forged in Battle.  The camels are truly tall when compared to Old Glory camels (unfortunately I did not do any comparison shots).  They are packed in  groups of 8 so to complete a 4 stand battlegroup two packs are needed.  The figures are split waist (grrr!) and do not fit snug.  There are two different upper body halves:  one head has a leather band around his head and the other has a full head of hair flowing free (almost like a fro).  To fill in the gaps on the waists I used a modeling adhesive I picked up at Hobby Lobby that dried clear.  I think they turned out fine.  BTW - along with hating split waste figures, I seem to hate painting camels too.  Not sure why.  Anyway, here are the pictures of the finished and based and will be joining my Pre-Islamic Arabian and Early Arab Conquest horde of troops.


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  2. The Sabirs are still a work in process. Other than the usual horse archers and small group of noble cavalry that is the norm for Hunnic based forces, the only other attested option is the "fierce heavy foot" that several sources specifically mention.


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