Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Campaign Update

I have completed the draft of the campaign rules and they can be viewed by following the link below

A War Like No Other

Please remember this is still a draft.  I am working out a few kinks before I try it on the cut down map I posted earlier.

I have also completed two more army markers:  Sultanate of Aleppo and the Principality of Antioch.

As you can see the generic crescent and star that I went with for Aleppo looks better than the Pac Man control marker.  I decided to go with the solid red banner for Antioch.  I have found a few different versions for Antioch.  One shows a red field quartered with the Fleur de Lys in the top right and bottom left.  I am not sure when the arms of France were added but it would have had to have been after the male line of Bohemund died out.  Another reference I saw claims that the de Hauteville family arms (or a variation) were used.  These had a blue field with a bend of red and white lozenges. No book I have every read that speaks directly to Bohemund and the 1st Crusades mentions these last two so I went with the red field.

I hope to add a couple special event markers for the campaign for my next post and maybe a test game of FOG 300 with Early Crusaders versus Syrian States.

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