Sunday, July 16, 2017

Holy Banners 1

Check out the Holy Banners for the Crusaders and the Moslem armies.  The figures are Old Glory.  The Crusader is just a Norman Knight that I cut the lance off and drilled out the hand.  The flag is a 28mm Little Big Man Studios SAGA Norman banner that I resized to fit my needs.  I repainted the streamers to enhance the colors.  The Moslem is a from the Andalusian command pack.  I cut the banner out and drilled out his hand.  I created the banner on my computer.  I decided to go with a generic black Abbasid banner with a golden yellow edge.  For both of these I went oversize to make it stand out more on the table.  I had a copy of the Green and Gold banner that is supposed to have been William of Normandy's Holy Banner but wanted something a bit more colorful.

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