Sunday, October 14, 2018

Painting Update

Been working through the new army the last few weeks.  Inspired by the work of Lurkio a few years ago (Nubians), I have quite a few in different stages of completion.

Here are some cleaned and ready to be sprayed.  There are some Essex, Gladiator and maybe a few Khurasan figures mixed in with the Old Glory figures.  I added a few shields to a couple of the Old Glory command figures and will use them in a close fighter unit.

Here is bunch waiting their turn on the painting table.  They have been sprayed with Ace Premium Paint Chocolate Brown satin Enamel and then let dry for a day.

These were finished today and are waiting to be dipped.

These were dipped today and are waiting to dry before basing.  You will see a couple of Old Glory Early Libyan Javelinmen in this mix.  Some of the Javelinmen are also from the Old Gory Berber set.  carve off the long sword they are wearing and they look almost exactly like the javelinmen in the Old Glory Nubian pack.  The womenfolk are destined for a camp.

These two were the first test figures I worked on.  They are two of the Early Libyan figures.

Test Terrain Pieces

Working on some test pieces of terrain for the Sumerian campaign.  Here are two dry steppe examples.  One will work as an open field and a b...