Sunday, May 19, 2019

New Campaign Setting in the Works

I have started work on a new campaign setting for Field of Glory and hope to have the draft rules and map up soon.  This one will focus on the fall of the Parthian Empire and the rise of the House of Sasan.  The campaign will be called "Broken Rays of the Sun."  I took this from images I have seen on a few Parthian coins that show a sunburst either on the crown of the Parthian king or above his head.  Although, most Parthian miniature command sets show a draco for their standard, I have seen a few that also show the sunburst.  Several companies make the sunburst in their figure ranges, most notably in 28mm but Xyston also makes them as part of their Parthian command packs in 18mm, Magister Militum in 10mm & 28mm and Forged in Battle in 15mm.

The campaign will be set around the year 220 AD and allow some of the surrounding enemies of Parthia to make cameos and to serve as allies.  Plus, it will have the added effect of allowing me to get the Peter Pig Camelphracts I have painted on the table.

I have worked up an Arabo-Aramaean list for FOG 3 that will cover Emessa, Edessa, Hatra and Nabataea plus a reworking of the allied lists to cover Elymais and Atropatene.  Hopefully, this will generate some interesting battles this summer.

Until next time...

Monday, May 6, 2019

FOG 300 E. Successor vs Classical Indian c. 321 BC

No time for a formal AAR this week but it was still good to push some lead on the table.  This time I offer up Early Successors vs Classical Indians circa 321 BC.  Below are the pictures from the game in order.  Maybe next week I will get to do a proper AAR.  enjoy...

Later Republican Romans

Here are a few pictures of my Later Republican Romans that will be used for the From the Forests Deep Campaign.  Almost all of the figures a...