FOG 300

Field of Glory is an Ancients/Medieval wargaming rules set that I enjoy playing.  The game inspires me to research and build new armies and that keeps me going.  If you have read the front page, you will have seen that the group I game with is currently advocating a shift to the French set ADLG.  I am not interested.  I will play some games to help my friends get the numbers they need for their tournaments but my interests lie elsewhere.

To that end I have decided to devote my attention to a new project that I call FOG 300.  This is a fast play FOG venture that uses the existing rules as a basic framework and works on providing a playable small version of FOG.  This blurb is from the introduction:

Field of Glory 300 (or FOG 300) grew out of a frustration with the publisher’s lack of ongoing support for the system and efforts in the American gaming community to adopt a DBMesque hybrid that in this person’s opinion is a step in the wrong direction.   This supplement will attempt to present a viable fast play alternative using the existing official FOG products with slight modifications but still provide a satisfying gaming experience.

The basic army lists use the Allies Lists for each army from the FOG Compendiums.  Where necessary, I will create ally lists for those missing ones.  Italian Ostrogoths and Later Picts are both lists that needed one and I have created drafts for them.

That is all for now.  More will come as I have time.

Rules for FOG 3.0 - Rules and Ally lists have been updated to be FOG 3.0 compliant.  I hope to get in a few more FOG 300 V3 playtests soon.
FOG 300 July 2019 Update

FOG 300 Version 3 Playtests
Parthians vs Principate Romans 220 AD
Crusaders vs Fatimid Egyptian 1101 AD
Ayubid Egyptians vs Crusaders
Medieval Scandinavian vs Later Plantagenet & Early Tudor (Britain 1346 AD)
Parthian vs Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin 220 AD
Later Republican Roman vs Early German 49 BC
E. Successor vs Classical Indian c. 321 BC
Italo-Normans vs Muslim Sicily c. 1050 AD
Italo-Normans vs Muslim N. Africans & Sicily c. 1070 AD
New Kingdom Egyptian Civil War Circa 1334 BC
Ptolemaic vs Kyrene Greek circa 320 BC
Later Sassanids vs Sabir Huns 575 AD round 2
Later Sassanids vs Sabir Huns 575 AD
Later Sassanids vs Pre-Islamic Arabians 575 AD
Early Sassanids vs Classical Indians II 282 AD
Early Sassanids vs Classical Indians 281 AD
Early Sassanids vs Kushan 280 AD part II
Early Sassanids vs Kushan 280 AD
LRR vs Ancient Spanish 58 BC
LRR vs Hill Tribe Gallic 58 BC
LRR vs Hill Tribe Gallic 58 BC p. II

Rules for FOG 2.0
September Revision

FOG 300 Version 2 Playtests
Early Crusaders vs Syrian States 1100 AD
Early Crusaders vs Seljuks 1100 AD
Early Crusaders vs Komnenan Byzantine 1100 AD
Early Crusaders vs Bedouin Arabs 1100 AD
Early Crusaders vs Arab Cities 1100 AD
Early Crusaders vs Cilician Armenians 1100 AD
Early Crusader vs Fatimid Egyptian 1100 AD
Later Republican Roman vs Early Germans 55 BC
Gallic vs Ancient Spanish 55 BC
Sassanid Persian vs Chionite Huns 375 AD


  1. Very nice work. I no longer have all of the army books. Any chance of getting the ally lists in one spot?

  2. The problem I have found when starting a new army is the the size of the army required for tournament games (800AP).
    Of course for veteran ancient or ancient veterans players, no problem but after migrating from a British Napoleonic Army to FoG or DBMM ancients I need a new army and research books to read. Find out what will work for me in the lists select an army then time to paint it.
    My local club 50 miles away holds five tournaments per year in five different eras.
    Five 900 point armies. Then the BHGS meetings. 800points.
    I could die of old age before I finished painting them

  3. Yes the big obstacle of FOG for me was the army sizes. My old WRG 7 armies weren't big enough and plus they charged me for the book but I never got it. :p

  4. I would hope you give FOG 3.0 a try as the publisher has changed and Terry Shaw and the crew have so far shown they are ready to provide more support than Slitherine.

  5. I am impressed by your work, as I already stated elsewhere (FOG AM page) and hope that the variant grows further and gets the support it deserves - on the other hand, why really bother with sticking to ally lists (or create new ones) instead of simply dividing the minima (and maxima) of the existing lists accordingly, and thus permitting the use of non - compulsory troops if applicable? - just a friendly thought - kudos again and keep up the good work

  6. One of the most common complaints I have heard from new players (and those who play DBA or prefer ADLG) is the number of figures required to field an army. FOG 300 starts the player out with a limited number of CORE troops to start with as they learn they basics of FOG. By adding more CORE troops and Optional troops the player can build up to a 600 point or larger set. Thanks for the comments. Hopefully, I will get a chance to get a game in soon and add to the blog.

  7. Fog 300 is an excellent idea for bringing in new players. The greatly diminished army cost and lighter load of rules are very nicely supported by the adaptation rules. Good job!


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