Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cold Iron 4: Final Rankings

Cold Iron IV is now in the books and by all accounts everyone in attendance had a blast and have asked for me to run it again.

Final Rankings (we used the 100 point scoring method from ADLG)
1. Lee Cleveland, 282 points (only played 3 rounds Saturday and did not make it back on Sunday) - Khmer

2.  Joey Miller, 232 Points, Carthaginain ( he won a complete set of Fog V3 Books)

3.  Vince Solfronk with 217 points, Post Roman Britain (he received a painted set of Celtic FOG markers from Monolyth Designs)

4. Gino Agnelly, 206 points, Arab Conquest
5. Will Moore, 188 points, Medieval Scandinavian (winner of the Worst Dice Award and a set of Chessex Dice)

6. Brett Stiefel, 134 points, Principate Roman
Referee:  Christopher Anders, 40 points, Early Scots (Only played 2 rounds)

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Cold Iron IV: Round 2

Round 2 Match-Ups

Christopher Anders with Early Scots vs Brett Stiefel and his Principate Romans - Brett's Roman beat the Scots back into the Stone Age

Vince Solfronk in the foreground with his Post-Roman Britains vs Will Moore's Medieval Scandinavians - Vince and Will took it to time being called with Will edging Vince on total points for a winning draw.

Lee Cleveland and his Khmer vs Joey Miller's Carthaginians.  Lee's Khmer showed Hannibal what real elephants can do on the battlefield.

Cold Iron IV: Round 1

Brett Stiefel vs Joey Miller in the foreground with Principate Romans vs Hannibal's Carthaginians - Joey destroyed Brett
Lee Cleveland is taking on Will Moore in the background with Khmer vs Medieval Scandinavian - Lee finished off Will as time expired

Gino Agnelly with Arab Conquest vs Vince Solfronk with Arthur's Sub-Roman British.  Vince pulled it out in the end.

Cold Iron IV: The Return of FOG Update

Today is the day for Cold Iron IV.  Here are pictures of the prizes and trophies.

FOG Markers are by Monolith Designs out of Canada.  

Test Terrain Pieces

Working on some test pieces of terrain for the Sumerian campaign.  Here are two dry steppe examples.  One will work as an open field and a b...