Dark Ages Inspirational Reading

On this page I will begin listing books that have read, am reading or plan to read that give background information about the period of history known as the Dark Ages.  Most of the books I list will be centered on the islands of Brittania but some will also extend into Scandinavia and possibly the lands of the Eastern Vikings (the Rus).

Inspirational Reading Post #1
Warhammer Historical did a lot of things wrong (IMHO) but they also did quite a few things right.  The supplemental books released were (and still are) great sources of inspiration for both painting and reading.  Do not get me wrong, there is often quite a bit that has to be taken with a grain of salt but they do serve as good starting points.

Two such supplements that I enjoy are

The Age of Arthur by Steve Jones and James Morris
My primary interest in Dark Age wargaming at this time is in the period of 800 to 900 AD.  This book covers the very end of the period but still gives some nice  snippets of information as well as pictures to get you started.

Shieldwall byStephen Patten
Not as well organized or presented as The Age of Arthur, this tome covers the period in some detail and provides some very useful snippets of information on Strathclyde and the Galwegians.

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