Sunday, June 28, 2015

Welcome to my blog.  Blogging is a new adventure for me so posts may be a bit erratic and will probably wander from topic to topic as a new squirrel pops up. I am a miniature wargamer.  My preferred rules set is Field of Glory.  Most of the people I have regularly gamed with (the regulars in the GCC) have decided to move to another set of rules out of France called L'Art de la Guerre.  Not because Field of Glory was broken but because someone told them they should and that irks me. 

Some of the arguments for ADLG is that it allows for faster games, requires fewer figures and less space.  Its funny that this is one of the arguments because the consensus from everyone when we tried FOG at 600 points was that they wanted more figures on the table.  The standard 200 point game for ADLG uses a table similar in size and requires the same time frame as FOG 600.  The GCC has not held its first sanctioned ADLG tournament and already there is a push to increase ADLG to 300 points.  ADLG 300 pushes the time frame back up to the 800 FOG games which defeats one of the arguments people have used for switching.

To me, ADLG is too much like DBM which I detested.  So much, that I gave up ancients gaming for quite a while.  ADLG brings back pip dice, corps commands and element based units.  You can give DBM a boob job and change her make-up but its still DBM.

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