Sunday, September 2, 2018

Desert Hills

Finished up some desert hills/dunes for desert themed armies this morning.  These are resin casts from Battlefield Terrain Concepts (battlefield out of Virginia.  They sell them finished or unfinished.  They also sell fields, fences, roads, rivers and buildings.  They are specifically designed for ACW but as you can see they can be adapted.  The shadows in the man cave did not always help with the pictures but I hope you get the picture.  These have a texture to them unpainted that once I sprayed them with a flat khaki camouflage paint from Ace Hardware just needed a dry brush of a lighter tan.  I used a sand wash on the rock outcroppings.  The contrast does not show as much in the pictures but I pretty please with these.

The above picture is of all three hills.  The top hill is SL 1 Tear Drop Hill and measures roughly 7" x 9".  The right one is labeled as SL 11 and measures 5" x 8" although there is not a hill labeled as such on their website.  The bottom one is RH 14 Rough Hill and measures 4.5" x 6". The rise is less than 0.5".

Here is the tear shaped hill from above.  I think this one will also work as soft sand.

Tear shaped hill with a battle group of Egyptian Close Fighters marching across.

SL 11 Hill from above.  This one will also work as soft sand.

SL 11 with the Egyptian foot marching across.

 RH 14 Rough Hill from an angle with one of two rock outcroppings showing.  The rock outcroppings are the only parts of these three hills that will effect figure stands.

Here is RH 14 with the Egyptians marching across one of the rock outcroppings.


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