Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cold Iron 4: Final Rankings

Cold Iron IV is now in the books and by all accounts everyone in attendance had a blast and have asked for me to run it again.

Final Rankings (we used the 100 point scoring method from ADLG)
1. Lee Cleveland, 282 points (only played 3 rounds Saturday and did not make it back on Sunday) - Khmer

2.  Joey Miller, 232 Points, Carthaginain ( he won a complete set of Fog V3 Books)

3.  Vince Solfronk with 217 points, Post Roman Britain (he received a painted set of Celtic FOG markers from Monolyth Designs)

4. Gino Agnelly, 206 points, Arab Conquest
5. Will Moore, 188 points, Medieval Scandinavian (winner of the Worst Dice Award and a set of Chessex Dice)

6. Brett Stiefel, 134 points, Principate Roman
Referee:  Christopher Anders, 40 points, Early Scots (Only played 2 rounds)

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