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FOG 300 NKE Civil War 1334 BC

It is the regnal year 17 of the rule of the King, Akhenaten.  Turmoil reigns around the people of the Two Lands as the Lands of the Nine Bows seethe with unrest.  Yet all is not tranquil within the lands of the Chosen of Aten.  The king is dead.  The fear in the home of Amun is that the loins of Akhenaten will stand true to his teaching and continue to disrupt Ma'at.  The High Priest position of Amun has been vacant since the death if Maya in regnal year 4.  The slight to the lord of the lands, Amun, cannot go unpunished.  Ma'at must be corrected.

The lesser priests of Amun recognize that a new leader must arise to lead the people of the Two Lands. Ahmenmose has been chosen to lead the forces of Amun against the heretic in the north.

Grand Vizier Ay in Memphis is not ready to give up his power.  Proclaiming the child Smenkhkare Pharaoh, he has sent the Royal army south under the the Fan Bearer on the Right Side of the King, Horemheb.  

The armies meet somewhere north of Abydos...

The Army of Amun

The Camp of the Army of Amun is still a work in progress.

The Royal Army

The Army of Amun deployed:  Red Archers on the left with the Yellow Archers to their right.  The Yellow Close Fighters are behind the two archer BGs.  The Archers of the Temple are next in line with the Red Close Fighters deployed behind them.  The loan BG of Chariots of the Army of Amun anchors the right end of the line.  (The Archers of the Temple is a BG made up Essex ANK20 Bald Headed Archers and a few of ANK6 Light Archers thrown in to the mix).

The Royal Army deployed:  The Blue BG of Chariots are on the left with a gap between them and the Green Chariots, then the two BGs of Archers deployed across the front of a field with the lone BG of Close Fighters in support.

The Royal Army won the initiative and opted for Agricultural.  The Army of Amun chose an open field and a gentle hill.  The Royal army  took an open.  All of the terrain fell on the Royal Army's baseline.

The Royal Army moved first and the foot BGs moved 5" straight ahead.  The Green chariots made a single move of 5" and stayed on line with the foot.  The Blue chariots passed a CMT, expanded two bases and moved 3" forward.  There was no shooting to  be had so the turn ended.

In the Amun 1st turn, The foot BGs of Amun moved 4" straight ahead.  The Amun chariots passed a CMT, expanded two stands and advanced 3". In the shooting phase, the Amun Red Archers took 1 hits and gave 1 in return.  The Amun Yellow Archers took 2 and gave 2.  The Archers of the Temple scored 4 hits on the Green chariots and took 0 in return as they were out of range.  Both the archers of Amun and the Royal archers passed their cohesion tests but the Green Royal chariots lost a base and dropped cohesion. (No picture for this turn)

To start the Royal 2nd turn, the Royal foot rumbled forward 3" while the Green chariots passed a CMT, expanded 2 bases and move up 3".  The Royal Blue chariots moved straight forward 5".  In the shooting phase, the Red Amun archers scored 1 hit and took 3 from their Royal counterparts.  The Amun Yellow archers scored 3 hits and took 3 in return from their counterparts.  The Green chariots took 3 hits from the Temple Archers of Amun and gave 2 back while the Blue Royal chariots added another hit.  The Blue Royal chariots also scored 2 hits on the chariots of Amun but took 3 back.  The Royal forces survived all of their death rolls without loss and passed all of their cohesion tests.  The Yellow Amun archers suffered a base loss from their death roll and then disrupted.  The Temple Archers also lost a base but survived their cohesion test.  The Chariots of Amun disrupted from their hits.  In the Joint Action Phase, the Green Royal chariots rallied back from disrupted.

To start the Amun 2nd turn, the Chariots of Amun passed a CMT and rolled back 2" to get out of bow range.  The Red and Yellow Amun Close Fighters both passed through the now to their front and took station less than 1/4" from the Royal line.  In the shooting phase, the Red Amun archers scored 2 hits and took 2 in return.  The Yellow Close Fighters of Amun shrugged off the bow fire from the combined fire of the remaining base of Royal archers.  The Red Amun Close Fighter however, took 2 hits from the Green chariots.  Neither side lost a base from bow fire but the Red Close Fighters did disrupt.  In the Joint Action Phase, the Amun general attempted to rally the Yellow archer BG but failed.  The Royal general moved to the archer BG in the center of the main Royalist line. (No picture for this turn)

The Royal 3rd turn started with both Royal Chariot BGs launching charges:  The Green Royal chariots to the Red Close Fighters in front of them and the Blue Royal chariots towards the Archers of the Temple.  The Chariots of Amun, however, passed a CT and intercepted the Royal Blues.  In Impact, the Green chariots scored 4 hits to 1 from the Red Close Fighters.  The Blue chariots scored 5 hits to 4 against the Chariots of Amun.  The Blue chariots survived their death roll as did both BGs of Amun.  However, both Amun BGs failed their cohesion tests badly and fragmented.  In the shooting phase, Red Archers of Amun scored 3 hits on the Royal archers to their front while the Yellow Close Fighters suffered 2 hist from bow fire.  Both sides shrugged off the bow fire.  In melee, the Green Royal chariots scored 3 hits to 1 against the Red Close Fighters while the Royal Blue chariots scored 3 hits and took 3 from the Chariots of Amun.  Neither the Blue chariots of the Chariots of Amun suffered from their hits but the Red Close Fighters managed to roll poorly and broke.  This caused the  Chariots of Amun to also break.  None of the other BGs of Amun seemed to care.  In the pursuit, the Chariots of Amun rolled down 1" and were caught by the Royal Blue chariots losing a base in the process.  The Red Close Fighters passed through the archers to their rear and the Green chariots plowed into the Archers of the Temple.  In the Joint Action Phase, the Royal Blue chariots passed a CMT and stopped pursuing.  The Chariots of Amun routed to within 1" of the table edge and the Red Close Fighters routed to just in front of the Amun camp.  The Amun general moved to the Temple Archers while the Royal general stayed with the Royal archers to his front.

Down 4 attrition points to 0 to start the Amun 3rd turn, the Army of Amun was desperate.  Consequently, the Yellow Close fighters charged the Royal Archers to their front and the Red Archers of Amun passed a CMT and charged to the right of the Yellow Close Fighters dropping a file in the process.  In the Impact, the Red Bow and 1 file of the Yellow Close Fighters scored 4 hits and 2 hits and took 2 hits and 3 hits respectively in return.  The other two files of the Yellow Close Fighters scored 2 hits to the archers to their front but took 3 in return.  The Temple Archers with general attached scored 3 hits but took 8 hits (would have been possibly 9 if the Amun general had not committed).  The Royal archers on the left end of the line took 1 hit automatically and disrupted.  The Yellow Close Fighters of Amun lost a base on the death roll and disrupted.  The Temple Archers proved to not be so holy as they suffered two base loses on the death roll and double dropped to fragmented.  In the maneuver phase, the Red Archers of Amun expanded a base to get an overlap on their opponent.  In melee, the Red Archers of Amun managed 2 hits to 1.  The Yellow Close Fighters missed against the Royal archers on their right end file and scored 2 hits to the other Royal BG.  The Yellow Close Fighters ended up taking a total of 3 hits from the Royal Archers with the general attached.  The Green Royal chariots scored 3 hits to the Temple Archers who gave 2 back themselves and scored another from their overlap.  The Yellow Close Fighters of Amun lost a base from hits but otherwise survived melee.  The Royal Archers on the left end of the line, however, lost a base from hist and then dropped to fragmented.  The Temple Archers lost yet another base on the death roll breaking them from loses.  The Yellow Archers of Amun to the right of the Temple Archers fragmented for seeing a friend break and then the Yellow Close Fighters double dropped to broken.  At this point the remnants of the Army of Amun fled off the field to maybe one day fight again...

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