Sunday, March 10, 2019

FOG 3.0 in the Man Cave

Finally able to get game in this weekend - Willard Moore traveled down from Huntsville with his Daylami Horde to take on my Rus.  The Rus have not faired well under any of the three versions of FOG and today was to prove no different.

Will deployed with only 10 BGs including a BG of superior elephants.  The Rus showed up with 11 BGs three of which were lights.  

The Rus won the initiative and chose agriculture.  Will tried to clutter the battlefield by I picked up two his choices by rolling a 6.  Most of the remaining terrain ended up on the edges anyway so we fought in the middle.

Early on things were working for the Rus as the elephants were seen off by one of the veteran Rus Spear units and one of the average Ghilman was driven off by an average spear BG on the opposite end.

Once the two main lines joined in melee things quickly went askew as the Daylami impact foot won just about every impact and the ones they did not win, they rolled out of danger.  One Daylami sub general bit the dust but none of the Daylami BGs cared.  In just under 2 hours, the Rus army was fleeing from the field with the Daylami down only 5 attrition points.

Here are some pictures of the action. Unfortunately, no record survives of the final minutes of the slaughter.  Until next time...

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  1. Nice looking table top. Thanks for posting. So FOG has up editioned? I liked 2.0 very much, but the gaming groups left it in droves when the Osprey announced they would no longer support it. I did not understand that mentality, it's not like rules suddenly stopped working. But I should up for a tournament at Fall In one year, and was alone. Not even the organizer showed up. Now they will have a tough time with L Art de la Guerre out.


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