Sunday, March 31, 2019

Painting Update

No game this week but I did manage to get some painting completed.  In the foreground, there is  selection of horses painted for a BG of Parthian/Sassanid horse archers.  In the background, more Pre-Islamic Arab archers for my Hatra ally as well as more horse archers and Arab lancers.

Peter Pig 15mm Camelphracts - will work for the cornerstone of a Hatra 300 army and another BG for my Parthians.

Khurasan Arab Light Lancers for my Pre-Islamic Arabians/Arab Conquest.

Two shots of Xyston Camel Train for my Parthians.  This is a 40x80mm base and will work for a FOG 300 army and along with two other bases for a full size FOG camp.  It will also work for that other rule set that is played down here in the south.

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